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Booking Support

Once you have booked your hop-on hop-off pass, it's time to confirm your travel dates via Stray Mate, our online booking system! 

Stray Mate Login

How to login for the first time:

How to login again:

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What you’ll find in Stray Mate:

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Save the Stray Mate to the home screen of your phone so you can access it again quickly and easily! 

  • Android: Open website in Chrome - select menu button - 'add to home screen' 
  • iPhone: Open website in Safari - select 'share' button in the tool bar - 'add to home screen'

Need a hand with that? Get in touch.

Thanks to the flexibility of our passes, sometimes you might need to do things a little differently.

If you have any questions regarding managing your pass, or just need to clarify anything please call the Stray Bangkok, Thailand office on +662 629 2144 or email support@straytravel.asia.