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Our hop-on hop-off travel passes do not run every day. Use the timetable below to find out what days they depart.


Select a timetable according to your travel dates:

Timetables may be subject to change. Check your personalised itinerary or the online booking system for specific departure times.

New season - from 1 November 2016

If you are planning to travel after 1 November, 2016, please be aware that the new season changes will come into effect at the main starting locations from the following dates. (Click here for the mobile friendly version.)

Starting Point Pass or Flexi Tour

Date New Changes

Take Effect

Starting Day Options 

(from 1 November)

New Itinerary Day^

Lot, Mekong, Full Moon, Tom Yum

Friday, 4 November

Mondays & Fridays Arrival Day & Welcome Meeting
Bangkok Moc Bai, Khmer

Tuesday, 1 November

Tuesdays & Saturdays

Arrival Day - collect tickets & Bangkok Shop Greeting

Chiang Mai Dtui Noy, Phou

Sunday, 6 November

Wednesdays & Sundays Arrival Day & Welcome Meeting
Siem Reap Moc Bai, Khmer

Wednesday, 2 November

Wednesdays & Sundays Welcome Meeting
Ho Chi Minh City Dong

Tuesday, 1 November

Tuesdays & Fridays Arrival Day & Welcome Meeting

^Refer to the new 16/17 itinerary by clicking on your pass's name in the table or go to your pass page to learn more about the new itinerary days incorporated into the beginning of each pass.

How to read the timetables

These timetables show all departures across the entire Stray Asia network. Unless you are travelling on the Lot Pass (which covers all our destinations), this means that you will only need a portion of the timetable.

The numbers on the left-hand side are the days according to the Lot Pass, assuming you don't hop off and spend longer anywhere. Overnight stops are in bold.

Each Pass Page also shows its current season itinerary on the Timetable Tab.

Need help?

Please email any questions to reservations@straytravel.asia and one of the team will be happy to help.