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Freestyle Passes

If you're looking for a fun and flexible way to travel Asia, meet great people, be shown extraordinary places then Stray's the way!

Stray’s guided network spans Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, offering access into remote and interesting parts of Asia that are otherwise hard to access. Your Tour Leader will ensure you get more out of your trip, providing local insights and recommendations along the way.

Best of all, our hop-on hop-off passes give you the freedom to hop off anywhere along the route, as often as you like, and tailor your trip to match your interests, spending more time in the places you love. 

There are a minimum of 2 departures per week so if you hop off you can book onto the next bus 3-4 days later. 

Freestyle Passes: 

  • Come with the benefits of travelling with a group and a tour leader, but give you total flexibility to do what you want, when you want! 
  • Are valid for 12months of travel.
  • Take you to unique, off the beaten track places that you might not find on your own. 
  • Are easy and hassle-free. 
  • Are guided by an awesome, English-speaking local Tour Leader
  • Do not include activities and accommodation giving you the flexibility to choose what suits you, as you go. Your Tour Leader is happy to help make bookings and offer suggestions. 

The Lot Pass covers our entire one-way travel network from Bangkok to Hanoi. All of the other Passes are different sectors of the travel network so you choose to travel the parts that suit you and you can expect new travellers to join you along the way! 

7 Weeks + Lot Pass



lot southeast asia tour passtile
Lot FP Stray Asia thumbnail 19 20 DIGITAL

4 Weeks + Moc Bai Pass



Moc Bai pass tile
MocBai FP Stray Asia thumbnail 19 20 DIGITAL

5 Weeks + Mekong Pass



Mekong Thailand Cambodia Laos Tour
Mekong FP Stray Asia thumbnail 19 20 DIGITAL

3 Weeks + Little Mekong Pass



Little Mekong Tour
LittleMekong FP Stray Asia thumbnail 19 20 DIGITAL

2 Weeks + Dong Pass

STARTS:Ho Chi Minh City


Dong vietnam tour passtile
Dong FP Stray Asia thumbnail 19 20 DIGITAL

2 Weeks + Long Laos Pass

STARTS:Chiang Mai

FINISHES:Don Det/Pakse

Dtui Noy - Laos hop-on hop-off pass
LongLaos FP Stray Asia thumbnail 19 20 DIGITAL

1.5 Weeks + Little Laos Pass

STARTS:Chiang Mai


tom yum pass
LittleLaos FP Stray Asia thumbnail 19 20 DIGITAL

2 Weeks + Tom Yum Pass



Pass Tile Format 280 x 477 1
TomYum FP Stray Asia thumbnail 19 20 DIGITAL

2 Weeks + Khmer Pass 19/20


FINISHES:Bangkok/Ho Chi Minh

PT Khmer
Khmer FP Stray Asia thumbnail 19 20 DIGITAL

1 WEEK + Bucket Pass


FINISHES:Bangkok or Phuket

bucket pass thai islands
bucket thumbnail thailand