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Making a Difference

“To make sure our customers and crew leave the maximum positive impact on local communities, and the minimum negative impact on the environment.”
- Stray Asia's Responsible Tourism Mission

Whether it's big or small, we aim to Make a Difference and do right by our customers, our team, our community and our environment.

We want all customers to have an amazing experience in Southeast Asia. We know that part of that is taking responsibility to protect the beautiful, unique places we visit, as well as supporting the wonderful local people who welcome us into their communities every day.

We seek to inspire each and every one of our passengers to make a positive difference as they travel in Asia and all over the world.

We continue to strive to Make a Difference in the following ways...


Included in the cost of each traveller’s stay at the Mekong River Homestay in Laos is a monetary contribution to the village project fund. This fund helps pay for valuable village infrastructure and projects that increase the overall standard of living and sustainability for our homestay villages.

Past & Current Village Fund Projects:

  • Provided hundreds of new educational resources and notebooks for the local school and created a new access way to the local waterfall at Ban Lad Khammoune.
  • Partially funded the building of a new village community hall and delivered 1.2km of new water pipes to improve the fresh water supply in Ban Pak Nguey.
  • Improving the year-round fresh water supply at our current Mekong Homestay with 2kms of new water pipe, fittings and materials.




Since 2015, Stray has sponsored Lone Buffalo, a non-profit community organisation and school and in provincial North East Laos. Lone Buffalo offers English language classes, career training and even football coaching for disadvantaged young people who would not otherwise have these opportunities. Stray directly sponsors an English instructor’s salary and all class materials, such as textbooks and stationary. (Read more about Lone Buffalo and Stray's involvement.)

Lone buffalo


Stray’s new Borneo Explorer tour includes a visit to the Walai Turtle Conservation Park on Libaran Island. Each visit features an engaging presentation detailing the community-based conservation efforts to save the endangered sea turtles and a visit to their hatchery. If any eggs have hatched, Stray travellers take the baby sea turtles to the beach and release them into the sea!

Walai Turtle Conservation Park hatchery



Working with NZ Aid, Stray is helping to develop a short self-drive motorbike tour called The Loop in the south of Laos by sponsoring the tour brochure and consulting on the development of three local villages to become homestays in the area. The Loop is a 450km journey with over 30 sights in Southern Laos which takes around 4-6 days to travel by motorbike. This tour helps to bring more tourists to experience very remote parts of Southern Laos to support these villages and to boost their economy. 



Stray celebrated World Oceans Day on 8 June with our first ever company-wide beach clean up initiative. Our awesome Stray passengers and their dedicated guides spent time collecting rubbish from beaches and waterways across Laos, Cambodia, New Zealand and Australia, while discussing how to turn the tide on plastic pollution.

As part of an ongoing effort to protect our coasts and oceans, we encourage everyone to #take3forthesea whenever they visit the beach.

World Oceans Day Mekong River Laos

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There are so many magnificent animals in Southeast Asia and it's only natural that we want to see them for ourselves. With so many 'animal sanctuaries' around, it can be hard to weed out the genuine from the morally deficient. At Stray, we believe in maximum fun, minimum impact, and we only want our dollars to support ethical animal tourism. We feel like you guys might be the same. Because there is no general code of conduct that animal tourism in Asia needs to meet, we created our own. Read more about our criteria here

Chiang Mai Elephant Experience