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Passion & Sizzle

“I didn’t choose the Stray life, the Stray life chose me.”

That’s just a little saying we have amongst our big orange international family, and it fits because working for and with Stray is more than just a job – it’s a way of life!

The Stray life definitely attracts certain special qualities in people too – people with a sizzling passion for travel and adventure, an enthusiasm for making a difference (doesn’t matter how big or small) in someone’s day and a commitment to sharing the fun with everyone they meet.


Everyone at Stray is committed to providing the best experiences for our customers, and part of that commitment is practicing what we preach by going out on our own great Stray adventures!

Two of our Asia office staff, Regional Operations Manager Sack from the Laos office and Customer Service Manager Ben from the Bangkok office, visited New Zealand to see how the NZ head office operates and experience for themselves how the Stray NZ trips work.

Our Tour Leaders also have the chance to earn a trip to NZ as a reward based on superior passenger feedback and performance scores that show they exceeded expectations. Laos Tour Leaders Keo and Khamla and Cambodia Tour Leader Dollar made the big trip to NZ in 2018, while Tour Leaders Pao and Ohn from Laos visited more recently in April 2019.

keo nz trip

Keo's puts on a brave face for his first Skydive in New Zealand

Asia Tour Leaders Pao and Ohn in Auckland, New Zealand

Tour Leaders Pao and Ohn on tour in New Zealand



We’re not joking when we call it a ‘family.’ Many of our Tour Leaders and staffers have been part of Stray for years!

stray asia family

Khamla, Richard and Keo support each other through all the 'ups and downs'!

A few examples are:

  • Our Boss of Tuk-Tuks and Guides in Asia, Regional Manager Richard North, joined Stray back in 2012, when we were only running trips in Laos, and has overseen the growth from 1 to 7 countries over the last seven years.

  • Holly Blundell, with a sharp eye for detail, heads up the company’s Systems and Technology (aka ‘The Matrix), but first got her start as head of Reservations before making her mark as General Manager of Asia for 5 years.

  • Having guided for 5 years, Keo from Laos is our longest serving Tour Leader and has consistently maintained amazing passenger feedback thanks to his dry wit, cheeky smile and willingness to always go the extra mile.

  • Dollar from Cambodia is another of our Tour Leader legends, having passionately shared his country and culture with Stray passengers for the past 3 years.

We could go on…everyone’s story is a little different and yet they all share a common theme – we love what we do and we’re doing what we love!