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Walking the Walk

Metaphorically speaking 'Walking the Walk' is as much about adventure as it is about the having integrity to do it in a safe and sustainable way. It's about being a dependable team that delivers on promises by putting our customers front and centre of what we do every day. In order to maintain such an amazing and capable team, we have to provide them with ongoing training and opportunities to ensure we’ve got the best people on the job.

Here are some of the things we do at Stray to 'Walk the Walk'...


Local health and safety standards vary greatly across Southeast Asia, but as a Kiwi-owned and operated company, we strive to implement the same standards in Asia as we have in our other regions. To do this, we invest in training the right people, selecting the right operating partners and supplier and continually refining our processes to keep our passengers happy and safe.

Stray also strives to operate a sustainable travel network and use efficient transport for lower carbon emissions. We do this by:

  • Educating our crew and travellers to respect the culture, specific customs and the environment.
  • Supporting local operators in small communities. I.e. we eat where the locals eat and shop at local markets.
  • Using local operators and employing local crew.
  • Only operating our buses according to season and demand.
  • Conscientiously supporting and recommending partners and activities that align with our ethical guidelines.



Our Tour Leaders are the heart of our awesome team as they go above and beyond to create incredible experiences for our passengers every day. Whether it’s guiding passengers through the local customs and culture, sharing their personal stories or even just suggesting which tasty dish to try for dinner, the Tour Leaders’ mission is to ensure our travellers make the most of their time in Asia.

To further improve our services, we also collect feedback from all our passengers. We monitor the quality of our transport, accommodations, activity providers, guides, reservation support and environmental behaviours. If for any reason it's not going well, we find out why and we fix it.



Part of our sustainability strategy is to provide ongoing employment to local crew rather than foreigners. Not only it is a more authentic experience for our passengers, but it offers better opportunities to our staff and Tour Leaders that they may not achieve working for local companies.

For example, we provide advancement opportunities that are based on ability, not social obligation and privilege. We also offer opportunities to be rewarded for their performance by seeing parts of the world they could only have dreamt of otherwise.