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Strademark Places

Strademark places are special destinations (or experiences) that embody Stray’s values and ethos as an adventurous, off the beaten track, travel operator.

They are the places that you are less likely to find in guide book but the ones you’ll be talking about long after the adventure has ended.

Put simply, if they carry the ‘Strademark’ stamp they are what makes Stray stand out from the crowd and are ‘not to be missed’!

Strademark Criteria 

To earn this badge, each destination must meet some or all of the following criteria: 

  1. An iconic Stray stop with X-factor, simply not to be missed.
  2. Unique local, cultural experience.
  3. Has an environmental or conservation focus.
  4. Cannot be accessed by public transport.
  5. No other hop-on hop-off operator goes there.

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Mekong River Homestay Strademark Places

Mekong River Homestay, Laos

Only Stray visits Ban Pak Nguey, a tiny, remote Lao village on the banks of the Mekong River. This iconic stop, unique to Stray is a cultural experience that can't be missed. Experience traditional village life, hang out with locals in their backyard, swim or play football with the kids and participate in a Baci (welcoming) ceremony. You can't access this village by public transport. We take a private boat to get there jump out right on the river bank. No other tour operators visit this village.




Kong Lor - Drive to cave

Kong Lor, Laos 

Considered a highlight of Laos, Kong Lor cave is not easy to get to on your own and no other hop-on hop-off operator goes here. We also think that zipping through the 7km long cave on an underground river definitely has X factor!





Xe Champhone - Strademark place

Xe Champhone, Laos 

This wetland area is so remote that sometimes our Stray buses can’t even access it and we have to jump on-board an off-road truck just to get there! Public transport certainly doesn't go here and Stray Asia are the only hop-on hop-off operator in Southern Laos.  Visiting Old Wat Taleow, a beautiful temple that was bombed during the Secret War, and the 200-year-old Hotay Pidok Buddhist library, a fascinating stilt structure that’s home to thousands of Sanskrit scriptures and bamboo tablets. This is a unique local and cultural experience.  


Don Det - Stademark Place

Don Det, Laos 

Otherwise known as 4000 Islands, Don Det is an iconic Stray stop at the southernmost part of Laos. These landlocked islands have X factor (and river dolphins!) and no other hop-on hop-off operator goes here. 





Battambang Homestay - Strademark place

Battambang Homestay, Cambodia 

Immerse yourself in real Cambodian life when we stay in a rural village 20mins from Battambang. This is a unique opportunity to interact with the locals, enjoy a traditional Khmer banquet and try a local favourite tipple: snake blood whisky (if you dare!). 





Bai Xep Beach - Strademark places

Bai Xep, Vietnam 

This is a secluded fishing village with X factor - it's on a beautiful long stretch of white sandy beach, with hidden waterfalls and a great vibe. You can't access Bai Xep by public transport and we're the only tour operators who stay here. 






My Lai Memorial - Strademark places

My Lai, Vietnam

We don't just travel from A - B, we stop off at interesting places along the way, and My Lai Memorial is one of these places, and one of our Strademark Stops. The My Lai Memorial commemorates an event that marked a turning point in the American War and is a cultural experience you cannot miss. 






Vinh Moc Tunnels  - Strademark places

Vinh Moc Tunnels, Vietnam

Everyone goes to see the Cu Chi tunnels in Ho Chi Minh, but we visit the much less known Vinh Moc Tunnels, an impressive underground complex that was used by more than 90 families to live and work during some of the heaviest bombings in the American War.





phong nha strademark places

Phong Nha, Vietnam 

You can miss Phong Nha National Park. Swim in pristine rivers and explore impressive caves, including the recently discovered Thien Dong Cave, one of the largest caves in the world! No other hop-on hop-off operator goes here. 





Bumthang Strademark

Bumthang, Bhutan

Bumthang's traditional style of architecture is almost reminiscent of alpine chalets in Switzerland, the streets are lined with fields growing organic vegetables, and the people are some of the friendliest in Bhutan, curious to meet western visitors. Three of Bhutan's most sacred religious sites are here. Marijuana grows freely everywhere which is quite a sight to behold!





Gangtey Strademark

Gangtey Traditional Farmstay, Bhutan

Stay with a local family in a traditional farmhouse overlooking the famous Phobjika valley where the endangered Black Necked Crane migrates to annually. 






Simpang Strademark

Simpang Mengayau Bay, Borneo

This beautiful remote stretch of beach is located right at the Tip of Borneo, so far off the beaten track that you'll rarely find anyone else here! 







Kinabatangan River Cruise

Kinabatangan River, Borneo

One of Borneo's highlights, away from the resorts - our Stray Exclusive Jungle Camp on Oxbow Lake is a great place to spot wildlife and learn more about conservation in the area.