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Why Stray Asia?

Here's 10 reasons why we'll give you an unforgettable adventure in Southeast Asia.

Waterfall, Vietnam

1. Discover Where No One Else Knows

Pioneering into the remote Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodian landscape is a daily occurrence on Stray. Some of the villages you will visit are so off the beaten track they aren’t even on the map! We also ensure you tick everything off your Southeast Asia “must-do” list – those great destinations we all know and love.

Cambodia Local Guide2. Go Guided

One of the best things about travelling with Stray is our local tour leaders. They amplify your Southeast Asia experience with invaluable knowledge, support and local insight... plus they can book accommodation, activities and connections on your behalf. You won’t get this on public transport!

Fishing baskets, Vietnam3. Make Friends For Life

It might be a cliché, but you will meet like-minded travellers and you will make life-long friendships. Stray attracts adventurous people of all ages, with a common attitude of exploration, open-mindedness and trailblazing.

Children in Laos Homestay Village4. We Travel Respectfully

Stray’s responsible tourism mission is "To make sure our customers and crew leave the maximum positive impact on local communities, and the minimum negative impact on the environment.” We operate a sustainable travel network, with heavy involvement in local initiatives and support small communities. 

Read more on our Responsible Tourism >

Cambodia Boat5. Hop-On, Hop-Off and Stay Flexible

So yeah, you were out late bowling in Luang Prabang and didn’t wake up early enough to see the monks at sunrise. Don’t sweat it, stay and soak up the city for a few more days, then hop back on the next bus! All our passes include our “recommended days” which includes some time for hopping off along the route. (Please refer to our timetables to see what days we depart from each location.)

Kong Lor Cave6. “Stray” Safe and Stress Free

Relax in the knowledge that our experienced crew have done the hard work for you. We have worked out the best routes, times to depart and must-do inclusions. Need help with something? Our Tour Leaders are there for guidance and support. Lastly, we use our own mini-coaches for the bus travel, which means not only we can go where we want, we can ensure safety, reliability and a high quality, comfortable service.

Monks7. Become Immersed in Local Culture

Get stuck into sticky rice at the local markets, experience village life firsthand on our homestay accommodation, and visit more temples than you can say “Wat’s that?” at (“wat” means temple), with great insight into the Buddhist way of life.

Don Det Jump8. Forget Travelling A to B

The Stray “road trip” experience includes plenty of time for activities en-route, whether it is a swim in a giant waterfall, tubing in Vang Vieng, or simply having a Beerlao with the locals. Got sudden photographic inspiration? Your driver will be happy to stop for you where possible – our small group size enables us to do and see more.

Stray Asia Myanmar Mandalay Rickshaw RD9. Mix It Up

We’re not just a bus network – our travel passes also include train, boat and tuk tuk transport! With us, you get the full Southeast Asia experience.

Local Children in Laos10. Stray Close to the Action

Yes, we love to get off the beaten track, but we also include those must-do experiences on any travellers’ bucket list. Create unforgettable memories – marvel at the striking White Temple in Northern Thailand, journey through Kong Lor’s 7 km cave by long boat to discover a beautiful valley when you emerge on the other side, travel inside an old American bomb shell (“bomb boat”) near Tha Bak, sample crab on the island of Koy Tunsay, and explore the World’s largest cave networks in Vietnam. 

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