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Who Travels With Stray Asia?

Are you curious about the world, craving adventure and looking to see so much more than what the guidebook recommends?

Good, so are we!

Vietnam Tour GroupTravellers from all over!

Stray passengers range between 18-45 years old, with about 80% of our travellers under 30. There's an equal split between solo travellers and travellers with a friend, so no worries if you're travelling alone - there are always other solo travellers to meet! A slightly lesser number of passengers are travelling with partners. We also see a lot of gap year students on their first big adventure abroad, and a lot of young professionals taking a break.

On any Stray bus, you'll meet people from the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, America - and from other countries all over the world! The cultural exchange won't just happen in the countries we visit, but also right on the bus.

Lao BBQLooking for experiences, not headaches

We understand that travel in Southeast Asia can be a bit challenging - public transport doesn't always run on time, the language barriers can be intimidating, and that $3 guesthouse you thought was such a good deal has you sharing room with roaches. That's where Stray steps in. We have our own Stray coaches for bus trips, recommended accommodations, and local guides to help with the language barrier and cultural immersion. Most of the people who travel with us choose us because we handle all the heavy lifting, and they’re free to relax and enjoy the adventures - instead of worrying about the logistics.

baci colour copyAdventurers at heart

One thing that almost all Stray passengers have in common is their thirst for adventure. They want to visit the iconic and most famous sites in a new country, but also dive deeper into the culture and go places most travellers don’t. And that’s why they choose Stray - on our tours, we visit some places so far off-the-beaten track, no other tourists or tours ever get there! It's the way we like to immerse our passengers right into the life of these countries, in order to get all those adventure stories to tell the grandkids.

Spend a night in a traditional wooden hut during a village homestay, be part of a traditional Lao baci ceremony, and try some delicious jungle home-cookin' out in the countryside - they're just some of the unique experiences you'll have!

We also visit many places that feature heaps of outdoor activities, such as kayaking, rafting, tubing and mountain biking, to name a few. You don't have to be sporty or an experienced hiker to travel with Stray, but we'll make sure you get plenty of chances to get your blood pumping. 

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