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Stray is your platform for adventure!

We're the experts in getting off the beaten track to special, unique places, experiencing more than the average tourist. 

We design awesome travel routes for adventurous travellers. Expect an action-packed trip to explore all the cultural and destination highlights, connect with local people in their communities, and get off the beaten track to some unique and hard to reach places. We call our most beautiful, interesting and memorable destinations 'Strademark Places'. These are the places you are unlikely to find in a guide book, but you'll be talking about long after the adventure has ended. 

Don’t waste your precious time spending hours working out how to get from A to B, where to go and what to do, our local Tour Leaders will take you on an epic trip. You just focus your attention on having the best time possible, completely hassle free.  


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Where will your next adventure take you?