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Population: 200,000

Vibe: A chilled beach resort town.

Must Do: Drink a fresh Angkor Beer on the beach. Sihanoukville was founded in 1958 as the best location in the country to build a deep-water port, and the best water for making Angkor Beer. The French and the Cambodians cleared the forest and built a port and a brewery at the top of the hill.  Beer in Sihanoukville is so fresh that it can be less than 3 hours old, straight from the brewery!

Known for: Being the largest seaside town in Cambodia and the main port for visiting the islands of Cambodia.

Top things to see and do

Make the most of the beach! Catch some rays, wander along the shoreline or take a refreshing dip.

Kick back at one of the many beachfront restaurants and bars.

Head to Ochheuteal Beach for a beach party with the rest of the backpacker crowd.

Get a relaxing massage.

Enjoy a Seafood BBQ on the beach.

Try your hand at water sports including, diving, fishing, snorkelling, kayaking or hire a jet ski.

Learn to cook Khmer classics like Fish Amok or deep fried bananas at the Traditional Khmer cooking school.

Take a trip out to the surrounding islands.

Hire a bicycle and explore the nearby beaches. 

Watch the sun go down at Serendipity Beach.

Get to Sihanoukville! 

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