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Kong Lor Guide

Kong Lor Village would just be another tiny little Lao village, tucked away, off the beaten track, amidst some stunning natural scenery, except that this village is situated less than a kilometre from a spectacular geological phenomenon: a 7.5km cave through the mountains! 

Population: Only a few hundred people. 

Vibe: Kong Lor is a sleepy little Lao village with one of Lao's most exciting natural attractions that's far from sleepy!

Must Do: Visit the Kong Lor Cave. 

Known for: Tham Kong Lor Cave: 7.5kms of huge chambers, otherworldly stalactites, spooky limestone formations and even some pretty coloured lights. 

Kong Lor Cave

Many people don't make it to Kong Lor cave. The thought of having to catch multiple public buses, in various forms of disrepair and questionable air conditioning puts a lot of people off.  

But at Stray, we had to have Kong Lor on our route in Southern Laos because we think Kong Lor is truly one of the natural wonders of Laos.

For 7km the river, Nam Hin Bun, disappears into the mountain and runs through a black winding cave which is up to 100m wide and high in some places. The scenery around the river is just as awesome with gothic karst mountains with trees clasping onto cliffs at great heights.

You'll venture into the cave on foot, before jumping into a wooden boat for your adventure through the caves. 

Kong Lor Cave is a highlight of Southeast Asia!


Top tip: wear shoes that will stay on your feet and that you don't mind getting wet, bring your own torch (if you have one) and wear your swimwear underneath so you can cool off in the river afterwards! 


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