2-Day Trek


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This 2-Day Trek starts in Kalaw and ends in Inle Lake.  Hike though Myanmar’s gorgeous landscapes into the Shan Hills discovering the local flora and fauna. Your guide will tell you about the native animals and plants as well as regional ethnic groups a long the way.  You will stay the night in Stray’s unique village stay accommodation and learn from your hosts how to prepare traditional Shan dishes for lunch. 

Explore the village and experience how the villagers live; get as interactive as you like, visit a local farm and lend a hand, join in on an English lesson at the school, or learn the ‘circus-like’ art of transporting goods in baskets on your head! The next day you will enjoy a traditional breakfast before heading towards Inle Lake. Along the way you will discover more of this rural area and its people. A boat ride will bring you to Nyuang Shwe, a small lakeside village that serves as the main access point to the popular destination of Inle Lake.

This 2-Day trek is a unique opportunity and definitely can’t be missed! 

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