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Thien Mu Pagoda


Thua Thien Province


Thien Mu Pagoda stands on a hill that overlooks the Perfume River. The pagoda, founded in 1601, has been witness to centuries of important history for the country and region.

Its name comes from legend that an old woman, known as Thien Mu (translated to "celestial lady") appeared at the site and prophesised that a lord would build a pagoda on the hill to bring prosperity to the people. After hearing this, Nguyen Hoang, Hue’s ruler ordered for a temple to be built at the site.

The pagoda complex itself is quite large, stretching across two hectares and encompassing multiple structures. The most prominent is the Phuoc Duyen Tower, built in 1844 - it’s an impressive showcase of Vietnamese architecture. The seven storey tower is an icon of Hue due to its prominence amongst the landscape. Each level is dedicated to a different Buddha.

The pagoda is most easily accessible by boat, biycle or motorbike.

Tip: Head there early to avoid the crowds and get the best photo opportunities!

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