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Stray's preferred accommodation providers are carefully selected on criteria that ensures the best value in terms of cleanliness, comfort, location and price. We typically stay in family-operated guesthouses, budget hotels or hostels. Those travelling with us in Northern Laos or Cambodia will get the opportunity to stay in a traditional village homestay - a truly unique experience! 

For Hop-on Hop-off travellers, you will 'pay-as-you-go' for your accommodation direct to the provider. Your Tour Leader can book your accommodation each night at Stray's preferred accommodation, alternatively you are welcome to book your own.  Stray will guarantee a bed reservation at each of its overnight destinations, however if you decide to hop-off for any period of time you will need to arrange additional nights yourself. Prices vary depending on location and season, but expect to pay around US$8-10 for a shared room, US$28 for a twin/double and up to US$60 for private rooms in the main cities.  (Note: Parents or legal guardians travelling with a child/minor aged 12-17 years may be required to book a private room by the accommodation provider. This is standard practice for the safety and comfort of all parties)

For Flexi-Tour travellers your accommodation is provided at all the Stray overnight stops (as per your itinerary). If you hop-off along the way, any additional nights are at your own expense. Stray does not group un-associated travellers together so if you book a Flexi Tour Twin you will need to book this with a travel buddy or upgrade to a Single private room.