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Stray Mate - Manage your pass

Stray Mate is your personalised Trip Manager where you can login to review, create, amend or cancel bookings.

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 How to login for the first time

Once you have booked your hop-on hop-off pass or flexi tour, it's time to confirm your travel dates via Stray Mate, our online booking system! 

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How to login again:

What you’ll find in Stray Mate:

You must have paid in full in order to access the following features. 

Itinerary: Includes travel dates, pick-up info (time & location) an overview of the travel day, activities on offer and accommodation. 

Trip Manager: Here you can make, amend or cancel bookings and edit your pick-up locations.  When you make changes they are confirmed in real-time.  

Helpful Resources: Links to travel guides, accommodation information, activities and more!


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Key Tips:

  • Aim to book 3-5 days ahead to ensure you get the departures you want. Remember if you change your plans and hop-off, you will need to rebook all future dates. 
  • ‘Yellow’ bookings means you are on standby. At least 85% of our Standby passengers get a seat so make your way to the designated bus stop and your Driver Guide will confirm.


Save Stray Mate to the home screen of your phone so you can access it again quickly and easily! 

  • Android: Open website in Chrome - select menu button - 'add to home screen' 
  • iPhone: Open website in Safari - select 'share' button in the tool bar - 'add to home screen'

Need a hand? Get in touch.

Thanks to the flexibility of our passes, sometimes you might need to do things a little differently.

If you have any questions regarding managing your pass, or just need to clarify anything please call the Stray Bangkok, Thailand office on +662 629 2144 or email [email protected].