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Buses depart on our Freestyle Travel Network twice a week. Use the timetable below to see what days they depart.


Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam

  • Timetable (PDF) Valid 1 October 2019 - 30 September 2020

Timetable may be subject to change. Check your personalised itinerary in Stray Mate for specific departure times.

To learn more about what to expect on travel days and the type of transport we use, visit our Transport & Travel  page. 

How to read the timetable

The timetables listed show all departures across the Stray Asia network from Bangkok, Thailand through to Hanoi, Vietnam. Unless you are travelling on the Lot Pass (which covers all those destinations), this means that you will only need a portion of the timetable.

The numbers on the left-hand side are the days according to the Lot Pass, assuming you don't hop off and spend longer anywhere.

The timetable with the new route dates shows when the new season changes will take effect across the entire Stray Asia network, starting from 1 October 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand. Given the size of the Stray Asia network, it will take a few weeks for the changes to filter through the entire route.

Each individual Pass Page also shows its current season itinerary on the Timetable Tab.

Need help?

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