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Giving Back to the Community

Here at Stray, we like to think that travel is a two-way exchange between travellers and locals. For everything that we learn from other cultures it's important that we give something back in return. That's why we give our passengers the chance to contribute to the well-being of the communities we visit.


We support the local communities we visit by contributing to village projects/ infrastructure aimed at increasing employment, education and standard of living.  Included in the cost of each traveller’s stay in the village is a monetary contribution to the village project fund.

In 2016 over 900 Stray Asia travellers stayed at the Ban Pak Nguey Village Homestay in Laos and thanks to their contributions the remote Mekong River village now has 1.2km of brand new water pipes to improve their fresh water supply. In January 2017, Stray Asia Regional Manager Richard North and Operations Manager Sack travelled up the Mekong River by boat, a day’s journey each way, to personally deliver 1.2kms of water pipe to the Headman and Elders of Ban Pak Nguey village.   

Mekong River Homestay Water Pipes

In 2016 Stray travellers partially funded the building of a new village community hall using the 2015 donations. The community hall is a focal point in the village setting and regularly used for official village meetings and many of the community celebrations.

In 2013 we worked with our village homestay in Ban Lad Khammoune, Laos and helped raise over $1100 in donations from Stray passengers with the Stray Village Project. For many of our travellers this amount would barely covered the cost of their international flight, but in Ban Lad Khammoune this helped provide teachers and students with hundreds of new resources and note-books for the local school (built by the Mekong Trust, a NZ charity) and created a new access way to the local waterfall. With a new road to this naturally beautiful attraction, the villagers of Ban Lad Khammoune now have more autonomy over tourism projects and the reins are in their hands for sustainable development. Helping give back is just our way of saying thanks!

School Sponsorship

Stray Sponsors the Lone Buffalo Foundation – a non-profit organisation that teaches English to local Laos children located in a provincial town of Laos, and offers training for careers in business or tourism. 

Lone Buffalo School Laos


Ways you can help

Why not volunteer? With Stray you can hop off and help out with different community projects in the region. It’s a great way to give back! 

Volunteering opportunities