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Operating Sustainably

Stray operates a sustainable travel network and uses efficient transport for lower carbon emissions.

  • We educate our crew and travellers to respect the culture, specific customs and the environment.
  • We support local operators in small communities. I.e. we eat where the locals eat and shop at local markets.
  • Stray uses local operators and employs local crew.
  • Our buses only operate according to season and demand.
  • We are conscientious of what activities we support and promote. All our recommended partners must align to ethical guidelines. 

Ways you can help

  • Be careful of your power and water use. Have shorter showers; turn all electrical appliances (MP3 player, camera, phone, laptop chargers) off at the wall after use.
  • Use re-usable shopping bags and recycle.
  • Decline plastic bags from vendors where possible. 
  • Refill water bottles when possible or purchase large bottles that you can use to refill small day bottles. 
  • Don’t litter, dispose of rubbish in bins or take any rubbish with you (including cigarette butts).

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